Frequently Asked Question

Welding Habitat System

WELDING HABITAT SYSTEM (WHS) is an alternative equipment being used to provide pressurized area operation for hot-works activities (welding, cutting, and other related activities that produce spark), which have the potential risk for explosion or fire incident.

Practically, WELDING HABITAT SYSTEM used in any scenario that require hot-works activities to be carry out at offshore and onshore facilities.

WELDING HABITAT SYSTEM is required at all-time whenever there are hot-works scope to be unless there is requirement to be executed during offline campaign (Turnaround or Shutdown)

Hot work activity defined as work involving electric or gas welding, cutting, grinding, brazing, or similar flame or spark-producing operations. These activities can inadvertently place an ignition source into an area with combustible or flammable material.

The production for oil and gas resources are the most top concern issues in oil and gas industry, thus, the usage of Welding Habitat System can eliminate the option to shut down the facilities in order to perform any hot-work activity.

WELDING HABITAT SYSTEM helps client to perform the hot-works even though the facilities is running online. It can be achieved throughout pressurized area, which are produce, by WELDING HABITAT SYSTEM equipment.

Thus, client can focus on the production uptime and at the same time, performing the critical repair and maintenance job while eliminating the risk for HSE incidents, and save minimize the costing as well.